The Cost of Polished Concrete

polished concrete in storeTo assist you in making an informed choice when considering the cost of polished concrete flooring for your space, we will discuss the factors involved in the cost.

Because of their streamlined appearance, durability, and minimal care needs, polished concrete floors have become more and more popular in recent years. Polished concrete is becoming more and more popular as a versatile flooring option among homeowners, companies, and architects. The cost for polishing existing concrete averages from $3 to $16 a square foot depending on numerous factors.

Surface Preparation

The state of the existing concrete surface has a significant impact on how much it will cost to polish concrete floors. The amount of planning necessary may have a big effect on the final price. There may be little need for preparation if your concrete slab is brand-new and has a smooth finish, which will reduce the cost of installation. On the other hand, further surface preparation will be required if the existing concrete is broken, uneven, or has different coatings or adhesives.

In the process of preparing a surface, work may be done to fix cracks, smooth out flaws, and remove any previous coatings or adhesives. The complexity of these duties may result in more work hours and, thus, a higher installation fee for polished concrete.

Size of the Area

polished concrete agregateThe price directly depends on how much square footage of concrete you want polished. Larger areas will call for additional supplies, tools, and manpower, which could raise the cost as a whole. Additionally, contractors may provide reductions on the per-square-foot price when covering vast areas, making the installation of polished concrete in large rooms more affordable.

Level of Gloss and Design Options

Polished concrete floors come in a variety of gloss levels and ornamental patterns. From a matte finish to a high-gloss sheen, the shine or gloss level can vary, each with a distinctive aesthetic appeal. The additional grinding and polishing operations necessary for high-gloss coatings might raise prices.

Distinctive patterns and motifs on polished concrete floors are created by scoring, staining, or utilizing aggregates like glass, metal, or colored quartz. These features are done during the process of pouring the concrete floor, not during the polishing process. However, the presence of such design features could increase the cost of labor or equipment. 

Accessibility and Site Conditions

concrete polishingThe price of installing polished concrete might be influenced by the accessibility of the site and the general working environment. Extra equipment and safety measures can be required, raising the overall cost, if the site has poor ventilation or calls for dust control measures during the polishing process. The amount of labor required will grow as a result of the difficulty of access or the need for specialized equipment, which will also result in increased costs. For instance, lugging equipment and materials by hand during the installation of polished concrete on an upper floor of a structure without easy access for heavy machinery may result in additional costs. This is one of the reasons why concrete polishing costs tend to be higher in urban areas than in rural areas.

Aggregate Exposure

The amount of stone or aggregate that can be seen on the polished concrete floor’s surface is referred to as aggregate exposure. The amount of overall exposure can be changed to provide the desired look and feel. More grinding and polishing will be required for a complete aggregate exposure, which can raise expenses. On the other hand, a small aggregate exposure will require less polishing and grinding, making it a more affordable option.

Choice of Polishing Contractor

polished concreteThe cost of polished concrete might be greatly influenced by the polishing contractor you choose. It’s crucial to do your homework and choose a qualified contractor with experience installing polished concrete floors. While some contractors might offer lower prices, sacrificing quality might result in longer-term maintenance and repair expenditures that are more expensive.

Although experienced contractors may charge more, their skill guarantees a high-quality installation that is long-lasting and attractive. Furthermore, reputable contractors are more likely to have access to cutting-edge tools and supplies, resulting in a quicker and more accurate installation process.

Maintenance Cost of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is generally considered to be low maintenance. There is though some recommended maintenance to keep floors in tip top condition. It is recommended to dust mop or broom sweep daily to prevent dirt buildup. Weekly damp mopping is recommended to remove smudges, scuffs, and water marks and restore the floor’s gloss. By following expert recommendations and sealing the concrete every 2-5 years, you can keep your floor in excellent condition, preventing issues like cracks, pitting, and damage. How often it’s sealed depends on traffic, exposure to weather and type of sealant. The cost of having a contractor clean and seal concrete flooring ranges from $1.20 to $1.75 per square foot on average. However, the final cost will depend on the type of sealant used. Acrylic sealants are the most affordable, while polyurethane concrete sealer falls within a slightly higher price range. On the other hand, epoxy sealer is the most expensive but offers a high-quality polish for your polished concrete floor and can cost up to $7 per square foot.

Although polished concrete floors are a common and useful flooring option, the price to install them might vary depending on a number of criteria. The level of gloss, design alternatives, accessibility, aggregate exposure, floor condition, surface preparation, sealant and contractor selection all play significant factors in deciding the entire cost.

Consider your budget, your aesthetic tastes, and the particular needs of the room you wish to refurbish before choosing polished concrete. You may better grasp the costs and make a decision that best meets your needs and expectations by speaking with a skilled polished concrete contractor. A polished concrete floor done right can completely change the look of your room, giving a touch of class and modernism while also providing a long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring option.

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