Best Flooring For Kitchens


What is the best flooring for kitchens ? That all depends on the budget and preference of style & performance. Today there’s many types of flooring suitable for kitchens. The flooring materials most often recommended are stone, porcelain, ceramic, hardwood & vinyl. Other good recommendations are laminate, engineered wood &…

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All About Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood floor refinishing is one of the most relatively inexpensive ways to greatly improve the look of your home. It makes your floors look new again and you can even change the color & sheen. It can be 3-5 times less costly than replacing the floor. The process of sanding…

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Best Flooring for Each Room of the House

What is the best flooring for each room of the House ? There are practically unlimited flooring options. Choosing which is best can seem overwhelming, especially when choosing for several rooms. To simplify the decision making we’ve narrowed it down to the most widely recommended flooring type for each room.…

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