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If you’re looking for hardwood flooring Gemini Floor Services is centrally located in Brooklyn and serves the 11236 Brooklyn neighborhood of Canarsie. Gemini Floor Services is a family owned local flooring contractor in the flooring industry over 30 years serving Brooklyn and NYC metro area since 2005.

Canarsie is a Brooklyn neighborhood along the Belt Parkway next to Jamaica Bay. It was once a fishing village back in the early 1900’s. At that time there was also the Golden City Amusement Park and hotels along the waterfront. A fire ravaged the park and by 1939 the recreational waterfront laid rundown in disrepair. The same year everything was cleared away for the construction of the Belt Parkway.

After WWII in 1945 the area began major residential development. Alot of marsh was filled in and houses built on. Up until the 70’s the vast majority of housing was constructed. It consists of primarily one and two family attached and detached homes. The houses have either wood floors, laminate, vinyl, tile or carpet, some of which we’ve installed. 

Up until the late 70’s Canarsie was mainly a Jewish & Italian middle class neighborhood. By the 1990’s until present the neighborhood has changed over to mostly West Indian & Caribbean folks. 

The neighborhood has a relatively quiet, suburban feel with it’s tree lined streets, houses with backyards and many acres of park space. There’s a 42 acre Fresh Creek Nature Preserve. And presently in 2018 there is a proposal to develop another 407 acres along Jamaica Bay. It would be a state park & one of the largest parks in New York City.

canarsie-parkIt wasn’t always so environmentally friendly however. Up until the mid 80’s along the Belt Parkway was the Fountain Avenue Landfill. The dump was an enormous unsightly mountain of garbage in your face as you passed by on the Parkway. Flocks of seagulls by the thousands would be everywhere picking on the trash. The horrendous stench would welcome you to Canarsie as you passed by on the Parkway. Fortunately today that mountain has been covered over with earth & grass and the stench is gone. Actually New York city has been cleaned up alot over the years from major pollution and crime which once plagued the city.

What’s there today along the Parkway with Canarsie Park and the pier is quite nice. With the suburban vibe and relatively lower housing costs Canarsie is attractive for may families. What some folks are not attracted to is the somewhat limited subway access and the possibility of water damage in houses nearer the water. Many Canarsie basements were flooded by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

We enjoy our visits to Canarsie for hardwood flooring installations or sanding & refinishing. If you’re located in Canarsie and are looking for affordable, quality flooring contact us. We offer a full line of flooring services for all types of flooring. Our floor installations include floor tiles, wood floors, laminate flooring, carpeting, vinyl flooring, engineered wood and bamboo flooring. We also offer wood floor repair and hardwood floor sanding and refinishing to restore old wood floors back to new. Call Us for a free estimate: 718-690-3435

floor tilesFloor Tiles / Tile Flooring 

All types of floor tiles installed: marble, porcelain, stone, slate, cement, onyx…

wood floorsWood Floors 

Custom hardwood floor installations: parquet, herringbone, medallions, borders…

laminate flooringLaminate Flooring

Affordable, durable & natural looking laminate installations 

Carpet installation,  a comfortable & affordable choice

vinyl flooringVinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring: durable, stain & moisture resistent, resilient & affordable

engineered hardwoodEngineered Hardwood

Multi layered wood fiber construction for moisture resistence and durability

bamboo flooringBamboo Flooring

Affordable, trendy and eco friendly bamboo installations to beautify your space

hardwood floor refinishingHardwood Floor Refinishing

Restore wood flooring to new with wood sanding & refinishing

wood floor repairWood Floor Repair

We repair and restore damaged wood floors to their original beauty

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