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Gemini Cleaning Service for Home & Business

We offer full cleaning services for homes and all types of businesses. Let us take care of everything from vacuuming, dusting, wiping, washing and shining whatever you want cleaned. Our cleaning maids will keep your place sparkly clean.

  • Cleaning Services offered
    We clean everything including floors, bedrooms, offices, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, ovens, refrigerators, trash bins, linens. We will discuss details about what you would like cleaned. This is generally what is done for each room:
    Bathrooms: clean & sterilize toilets and sinks, clean mirrors, shine brass/chrome, clean tub/shower/doors/floor/tile walls, dust & remove cobwebs, clean floors, empty trash & clean bin, clean windows
    Kitchens: clean appliance & counter surfaces, clean inside refrigerator/oven/microwave/range hood, clean floors (sweep, vacuum, mop), wash sinks & shine brass/chrome, clean walls/backsplash, dust & remove cobwebs, empty trash & clean bins, clean door frames, clean windows
    Living & Dining Rooms: sweep/vacuum/mop floors, dust/remove cobwebs, wipe surfaces, polish wood furniture, clean doors & frames, clean windows
    Bedrooms: sweep/vacuum/mop floors, dust/remove cobwebs, wipe surfaces, polish wood furniture, clean doors & frames, wash linens & clothes, clean windows, empty trash
    Offices: sweep/vacuum/mop floors, dust & wipe surfaces, remove cobwebs, polish wood, empty trash
  • Flexible schedule
    You can schedule for one time or regular cleaning service according to your own schedule. Often our flooring customers use our cleaning services to put on the finishing touches with a thorough house cleaning after having their new floors installed.  
  • Price
    We offer a free estimate for your home or business with a price according to the size and services required. Call to schedule a free estimate.
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