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Be sure to check out the VIRTUAL ROOM DESIGNERS. There you can choose a room and design it with different types of floors. Some of the designers allow you to also change other features like the wall colors, trim, bedding, etc. We have featured designer programs from six different major manufacturers of all the various flooring materials. Some of these programs even allow you to upload your own image which you can use for designing. It takes a little work though to prepare your image.

hardwood flooring ideasHardwood

Add classic warmth & richness to any room with hardwood flooring. Hardwood is easy to clean and long lasting. It comes in a wide range of species with varying tones & textures. It allows for custom design features to be added in. Hardwood can always be refinished & updated with new stain colors & finish. Plus, it is very strong & durable & increases the value of a property. All this makes hardwood a top choice. See the directory above for many hardwood floor ideas.

engineered-woodEngineered Wood

Manufactured from three to five layers of hardwood which are stacked with grains crossed and pressure bonded. Engineered wood is highly resistent to humidity making it suitable anywhere. Some engineered woods are available which are made from recycled wood fibers. Some are  made from fresh hardwoods and are even more resistent to expansion & contraction from temperature changes. Engineered looks just like hardwood. See the above directory for many flooring ideas with engineered wood.


Laminate flooring is a multi layered synthetic production composed mainly of fiber board & resin materials. Under a clear protective coat the surface is laminated with digital images which very realistically similate real hardwood, stone & tile. Laminant is known to be tough & moisture resistent. It uses less hardwood & is thus a more affordable product. See the directory above for many flooring ideas with laminate.



Vinyl flooring is ever increasing in popularity due to it’s affordability and quality. Composed of flexible pvc, it is available in sheets, tiles & planks. It is durable, stain resistent & comes in a  wide range of patterns similating real wood, stone & ceramic. Resilience, ease of maintenance, beauty & cost all combine to make vinyl flooring a great choice. See the directory above for many flooring ideas with vinyl.



Linoleum is an affordable “green” choice being that it is made from natural renewable materials like recycled wood & cork dust, pine rosin, limestone & linseed oil. It is often made with a burlap or canvas underside. Linoleum is durable, flexible, easy to clean and  & also comes in a wide range of patters. See the directory above for many flooring ideas with linoleum.



Carpet offers comfort & natural insulation. It looks great with some proper care. Contrary to popular belief, carpet may have no adverse effect on allergies as studies have shown carpeted rooms to have less airborne allergens than hard floors. See the directory above for many flooring ideas with carpet.


Stone & Ceramic Tile

Tile is another flooring material that resists humidity & is tough & long lasting whether it be porcelin or ceramic.  It is easy to maintain with a mop & broom. . Tiles, like any flooring material nowadays, come in a huge selection & they can also be custom installed in mosaics & various patterns.  Pricing for tile is somewhere between carpet & hardwood. See the directory above for many flooring ideas with tile.

For flooring ideas the choices are practically unlimited. Making a decision on which one can seem overwhelming. With the above products directory & our expertise, we are here to help you decide.

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